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Regal Canin 100% Natural Dog Treats & Chews


At Regal Canin, we consider all dogs part of our family and we care deeply for all our furry family members. That's why we are committed to providing them with the very best natural dog treats & chews possible. At Regal Canin, all our natural dog treats & chews contain No Additives, No Preservatives or Artificial Colours. Regal Canin natural dog treats & chews are of the highest quality and flavour, with a combination of 100% Natural Ingredients from Verified Farms across North America, and a Secret Family Recipe that makes the perfect  treats for your dog. Additionally, our treats are Canadian, Federally-Inspected, High Quality, Human-Grade Proteins which are never deep-fried, or smoked and we only use a chemical-free drying process to ensure a happy & healthy dog life!

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100% Natural Dog Treats: Meat, Vegetable & Fruit

 Regal Canin provides only 100% Natural Canadian dog treats, made from  human food grade high-quality products. Our dog treats are only made  with 100% natural ingredients from verified farms across North America.  Regal Canin's dog treats are so deliciously healthy because of a  perfected drying and manufacturing process. These techniques enhances the flavour without deep frying, artificially processing, smoking or chemically drying the treat so it remains 100% natural! 

Regal Canin Natural Dog Treats Are:

  • Made from 1 or 2 Natural  Ingredients.
  • Human Food Grade from Verified Farms across North America.
  • A Healthy Source of Protein, Fibre,  Ash  & Other Essential Vitamins & Minerals. 
  • Made in a SQF Level 3 Facility which means our products are made to exacting World Wide Global standards and scrutiny for safety and quality. 
  • Suppliers are selected from GFSI certified facilities.
  • Sourced from verified farms across North America.
  • Produced in Canada.

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Buy Natural Chicken Jerky Dog Treats Today!

Buy Natural Chicken Jerky Dog Treats Today!

Elk Antler: 100% Natural, Grade A, Single Ingredient, Naturally Shed

Regal Canin provides one of the best Elk Antler Dog Chews produced in North America! Is your dog a motivated chewer? Elk Antler Chews are the toughest natural chews on the market and provides your dog the very same nutrient-dense option their ancestors enjoyed! Chewing is a natural & healthy activity for dogs and our Elk Antler is here for them to chew on and enjoy!

Regal Canin Elk Anter Natural Dog Chews Are:

  • The highest quality available on the market (“A Grade”).
  • A Healthy Source of Calcium, Glucosamine & Essential Minerals.
  •  A Perfect Option for Dogs with Allergies & Sensitive Stomachs. 
  •  Provides Natural Oral Health Care - Will Not Splinter or Chip. 
  •  100% Natural, No Artificial Flavour, Colour, or Preservatives - No Odour and No Mess.
  • Naturally shed on North American Farms.

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Elk Antler Chewing Guideline: Please do not just give your dog the Elk Antler Chew and forget about it. Our recommendation is to let your dog enjoy the antler for about an hour at a time and then take it away from them, and please remember that when the antler gets to a small enough size that they could choke on it, that's a good time to take it away and replace it with a nice new fresh antler.

Buy 100% Elk Antler Dog Chews Today!

Buy 100% Elk Antler Dog Chews Today!

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